DualLifts young history

Growing a company

Independent. Motivated. Self-supporting.
A future-proof approach.
DualLift is a part of SafeWorks LLC, a global leader in manufacturing and distributing suspended access and safety solutions across a wide variety of energy, infrastructure, elevator installation, construction and restoration industries. As part of SafeWorks, DualLift joins forces with the most trusted and experienced brands in the suspended access industry—Spider, Power Climber® and Power Climber Wind®. Together, we make work at height safe, reliable, and productive.

Going Up since 2008
The DualLift GmbH was founded in January 2008 after an intensive market research. The first framework contracts in the wind power sector were signed in 2009 and helped significantly the DualLift Company to grow up and shape the current product range. It was also helpful to set up the new factory in Osterholz-Scharmbeck.

Worldwide in 2010
Through a multitude of activities was it possible to win well-known Service lift manufactures in the following years and to establish our products in the European market. After a lot of tests by the leading Elevator manufacturers worldwide in 2010 was it a great pleasure to win them as clients as well. At the same time the DualLift Company integrated a new product line successfully into the market the new UpLite generation of small mobile hoists.

Growing Up
With innovative Products and high customer orientation was it possible to report solid growth on each year of its existence. The whole company is self-financed and the growth was made possible by reinvestment of the profits.

Everyone’s involved and therefore motivated
Lean Overheads and optimized cost structures enable our clients to get attractive conditions by best Price performance ratio. We are acting according to the principle of the prudent businessman and invest there, where our clients get a benefit of. That means modern and cost optimized production structures. You will search in vain complex offices, company cars or other luxury – but for this a motivated Team which works engaged to realize your requirements. The whole team – also the production - is involved on the company's success. With this philosophy was it possible for us win engaged and motivated employees. And they makes the different – for you!

Our basic setting is it to say you the truth - always!
We stand by our faults, provide fast and equitable solutions and also say if we cannot do something. Our clients know that and that’s why we can be proud to have faithful and long-term business relationships with them.

And sometimes we made them to DualLift Fans:
“Thanks a lot! I´m always happy to work with you! You react fast competent, that makes an impression also by my clients”
(A decider of a worldwide leading Elevator manufacturer)

“That is an awesome Customer Service. You don´t ask – you act, if there is any problem. I had not experienced a better service.”
(A chief purchaser of a worldwide leading service lift manufacturer)

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